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Dragon - the changeable creature
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Games Free LIONBIRD LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

Dragon - the legendary creature
Dragon - now is your pet

More than 40 rare and valuable dragons from the sea to the sky, from hell to heaven are waiting to be trained by you!

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Tillman Adamolli

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potato tasty

This is a very fun and easy game I have had this game for three years and haven’t gotten bored of it

Good game
dragon master 7

It’s a grate game

Easy and fun

This game is easy, and well made. It constantly wants you to watch ads, though.


It’s a simple fun game, it even warns you when an ad is about to pop up, but everything basically cost real money if you want to upgrade faster

Good but not perfect

We should be able to evolve now matter what.

It’s a good game but

Why does the red dragon evolve into dinosaurs?

Fun app to kill time

Tons of evolutions to evolve into and nice graphics.

Good game
William d Moore

It's a good game


i like it and its different from most evolution games

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