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The Bull Run (First Manassas) Battle App is the perfect Civil War touring partner for your exploration of the Bull Run battlefield. Our GPS-enabled touring application will guide you to all the historic spots on this Civil War battlefield - from the Union crossings at Sudley Springs to the fighting on Matthews Hill and the climax at Henry Hill and Chinn Ridge. Click on our various "virtual signs" to access a wealth of information related to the very spot where you are standing. Onboard historian videos, audio accounts of soldiers from the battle, animated maps, photos, orders of battle, chronologies, key facts, and more are just a click away. Our detailed maps allow you to locate just where certain Union and Confederate units were during different phases of the battle. Never has so much valuable historical information been made available in such a portable device.
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The Bull Run Battle App is the third offering in our expanding Battle App lineup. With this latest Battle App you will also find the following enhancements:

* Detailed 1861 GPS-enabled landscape – optimized for Retina displays
* Two animated maps show how the battles for Matthews Hill and Henry Hill unfolded
* New, interactive Bull Run quiz to test your knowledge
* More historian video content
* A list of nearby Civil War sites to explore
* Expanded and improved Battle Facts page

Ask questions or troubleshoot issues with us at our Battle App page - www.civilwar.org/battleapps

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Great App

As with the other two CWPT Civil War Battle Apps, this one is great. Be sure you own all three: Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and this one.

If you are Civil War Buff

This is for you very very cool! Worth the $2.99.

Awesome app for all you history buffs!!
Gretchen v

What an awesome app!! If you are a Civil War buff then you are going to love this! Not only does this app have an overview of the battle field, but shows pics and maps, but photos of generals and troop movements. I have never been to the battle field and only live about 4 hours away. This makes me want to go and use the app on the walking tour.

Very good...but

Perhaps you all could format it for the iPad in the near future? Great job though!

so disappointing - it crashes instantly (update)
Food for Thot

Installed, but instantly crashes when the opening screen comes up after 3 seconds. UPDATE: App developer responded to apologize -- has now corrected info to state you must have iOS 4.0 to run.


Great products. I look forward to more battles.....I really enjoy the animated maps. They do a great job of helping to create a visual understanding of the various battles within a battle. I encourage you to add more to any future maps. Keep up the good work.

Bull run app

This is a great app!! Finally an app that can help teach my children about history. I would recommend this to anyone.

Battle of Manassas
s. r. gilmore

Having walked the battlefield without a guide, using this would have been fantastic. And now , right after the reenactment, this brings the troop movement ever present. This and the Fredericksburg and Gettysburg apps are great for providing a you-are-there feeling to the hallowed fields of the U.S. Civil War.

Fan of History

This is a tremendous learning tool if you are at Manassas Battlefield, and even if you are not. Anybody with the slightest interest in history or the Civil War should download and use this.

great for battlefield tours

This app really helped me find my way around the battlefield. Used it extensivally during my tour of the Battlefield and as a reference after.

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