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This is the most satisfying kinetic sand cutting game. It's not just kinetic sand, there are multiple other awesome objects too! You've seen it in the videos and now you get to cut it yourself!
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Games Free CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Cut different shapes of kinetic sand and feel the amazing satisfaction. Many different types of objects available to cut! Feel the immense satisfaction!

Game Features:

- Realistic kinetic sand cutting
- Many different types of objects to cut
- Smooth haptic feedback
- Relaxing sounds

Play now and start cutting!


To many rate me notifications
little devil??

In between every 3 levels it kept asking me to rate the game and it was so annoying so I finally rated it because it just got to annoying. Also I would like there to be a free play or a place that you can go to redo levels. One more thing is that the levels repeat themselves for example the fisherman one where you have to find the fish gets a little bit annoying after you do it 7 times. So can you please not have reappeared levels and just freeplay so that you can repeat so you can redo the levels you actually want to. But other than that it’s a nice game.?


The game is ok but all the ads I tap twice then BOOM another ad

Man that is ok

The game is good but the app is good and it needs less add ?? but in rate is 5 stars ??

I hate the update

I had this game a long time ago, and then deleted it because I got bored. Got to level 200 or around that. I downloaded it again today because I liked it and wanted to do it again. I hate the new mechanics where you just touch it. I preferred it where you could drag your finger to move the knife.


Too many ads

Kattyxx Phoenix 21

Very nice

Little more cutting things
idk what me nickname is

I really+ this Hahaahah

It’s good but it needs ads.
Taylor fg

So Iike the game and all but the blades that need ads to get them don’t work.I click tobget it but it won’t work.

So satisfying

I love it ?

I am a fan of lanky box??

This game is perfect and so great.It is so satisfying I play this like every day update love that you can cut everyday objects and stuff to.