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Soap Cutting

The most satisfying soap cutting game. You've seen it in the videos and now you get to cut some amazing soaps yourself!
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Games Free CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Cut different types of soaps and feel the amazing satisfaction. Many different types of soaps available to cut! After that, carve it into amazing shapes. Feel the immense satisfaction!

Game Features:
- Realistic soap cutting
- Many different types of soaps. You will recognise them.
- Carve the soap
- Relaxing sounds

Play now and start cutting!


OMG great app
smokey cat grey

So I’ve been playing this app for a minute and I love it❤️ so much I highly recommend u to use headphones ? this app is so satisfying ? it’s just to good to hate i THANK whoever made this app it’s crazy fun ? I even bet my cats would like it it’s very easy to play and love it ? amazing game just download you will see it’s a great app ?? lol ?

The game can be better
jazzy Wazee

HiToday I have some things that I wanted to have a head in the game soap cutting. The first thing I would have in this game is I wish that when you cut this soap and then you’re done with it I wish you could like see all the prizes that you collected and that would just be really nice to keep track of all of it. Another thing I wish is that the soap you could actually like cut it and you just won’t be little squares because you know like they were always be squares so I wish I would like look real and I wish this special level well I don’t know about the special level but that one’s fine. What are you think that I wish was that you can like you well it would kind of be weird if you battled with other people so what I wish was that you could actually get to like whenever you finish can you so I wish you were like get a little surprise and I’ll go like Tada ? and then you just get a new knife I need like give you a little notification and also sorry for my run on sentences. These are some things that I wish you would have in so cutting but overall it’s really great game I really love what you did with it and you keep doing what you’re doing.

It’s ok?

I think it’s a really good app if it looking for some asmr. The down side is, it has a lot of ads, like a lot, I think that the app gets boring after a while but I think that really little kids will like it, my sister loves it. I hope this review helped!! Bye?

It’s good

Hello I am Libby and I have had this game before is pretty good but I don’t think it’s the best you see all you do is soap cutting I mean it is pretty fun but I wouldn’t recommend if you want to cure boredom thanks for listening ?☺️

Andy –

I like it because it’s fun especially for kids it should be 0 and older hehe.But there should not be adds.Soooooo 4 Star


Boring make it more interesting

No extras...
CX Charles

First of all every time I want to get a bonus prize like get extra coins when I get to a bonus level where I get a coins I can’t click on the ad so please fix it.


Uhh hdhgvhcc

amizon music

This games is so relaxing but I can’t watch any videos for anything. But other wise it’s so ASMR