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Get ready for another delicious entry to the Amy food series! From the company that brought you Amy's Froyo 2 comes the tasty sequel to Amy's Cookies!
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Choose from a ton of mouthwatering flavors for your dough and have fun mixing and matching ingredients, frostings, toppings and cookie shapes! With virtually unlimited combinations, you are sure to create unique and delicious cookies.

Start by choosing your dough's flavor with over 200 flavors to choose from.

Next, choose from over 200 ingredients for your cookie. Put as many as you want! Afterwards, you can mix them all together.
When you're done mixing, it's time to decide the cookie's shape. Browse through over 200 shapes and choose one that represents you!

Now, it's baking time! adjust the oven's timer and wait until your cookie is finished baking. Then it's time for frostings!

Cover your cookie with the most delicious frostings! Choose between over 200 different kinds. You can use more than one!

Now for the fun part! Be creative and decorate your cookie with over 200 different toppings. Put as many kinds as you want and make your cookie not only the most delicious, but the most beautiful as well!

And you're done! Now, you can enjoy your very own cookie. But don't just enjoy it yourself! Share your cookie to your family and friends through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Let them tell you what they think of your creations!

With 205 dough flavors!
Carrot, coffee, original, strawberry, vanilla, almond, almond caramel, apple, apple caramel, apple cinnamon, apple hazelnut, apricot, avocado, banana apple, banana caramel, banana kiwi, berry, blackberry, black forest, blueberry cheesecake, braso de mercedes, butter cinnamon, butterscotch, cappuccino, cheese, cheesecake, cherry soda and more...

With 210 ingredients!
Cheese, choco chip, cinnamon, mallow, oatmeal, peanut, pistachio nut, rice puff, sesame seed, walnut, acorn squash puree, banana chip, bay leaves, blueberry, apple, apricots, almonds, carrot, cocoa, coffee granules and more...

With 205 cookie shapes!
Circle, clover, flower, heart, star, airplane, anchor, apron, astronaut, baby bib, baby carriage, badge, balloon, baseball cap, basket, bikini top, birthday hat, blanket, bonnet, bulldozer, dove, egg, car and more...
With 205 frostings!
Blueberry jam, caramel, honey, icing, strawberry jam, almond butter, apple sauce, apricot jam, avocado cream, banana butter cream, banana cream cheese, bavarian cream, blackberry jam, black currant jam and more...

With 210 toppings!
Almond nut, apple, cashew nut, cherry, choco chip, cinnamon, peanut, rainbow sprinkles, raisins, white chocolate, apple chips, apple jelly, avocado, bacon bits, black berries, blue cheese, butter cookies, butterscotch brownies and more...

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