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"Snail Race. Best app on iTunes. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED. " – NiaSayee

"snail race = addicting" – ibeliebinacure

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"Best game go snail – This game is awesome and addicting!!!!!!"

"Fun for all ages. Quite challenging and fun."

"my kids (the little ones) are loving it. They think it’s fun."

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Follow Joe, an everyday average snail, who is bullied in school as he changes his fate by challenging the bully to a snail race – an EPIC battle between snails to see who truly deserves respect.

Can Joe surpass all the obstacles and eventually rise on top? The fate of Snailston High is in your hands.

Snail Race features 24 adorable cartoon snails, 24 levels of LOL fun, stunning HD graphics for retina display and the simplest controls you can ever imagine!

- 24 cartoon snails to LOL while you race them
- 24 fun levels that will crack you up
- Leaderboard to compare scores with friends
- Facebook & Twitter integration
- Simple controls, just tap left-right-left

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Not to my liking
sugarloafer mom

I do not like it because when you lose 3 times you are done,loseing makes you whant to stop. Deleted it after 2 days. You well not like this game.

Totally in love with this game !!!
Vanessa Hao

Omg ~ so addicted to this game ! Simple but very interesting & like the characters ! Cuteeee ~~ :)

Awesome characters and story
Yui and Ui

This game has a wonderful story of friendship. Also, the characters and backgrounds are so cute!

Snail race rocks!!

I falling in love with this game! This is one of the games I really love!!!!!

Snail race

Snail race is sooooooooo much Fun!!! I lllllloooooovvvvvveeeee that game!!!!


fun game


Wish the thumb thingys were at the top though other wise I love it.

Snail race

It is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok app

This app is not really that fun all u do is press these buttons to race other snails it gets kinda boring



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