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The "After Image Illusion" application is an app that goes beyond the normal illusion apps in the appstore. "After Image Illusion" lets you select any photo existing on your iphone and lets you create a brilliant illusion out of it.
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This illusion is SURE to impress and amaze your friends. Just give it a try; it's free, and it's fun!

**Note from developers: Alot of people don't seem to understand what is going on in the application so we'll explain it here.

After choosing an image for the illusion, you are supposed to stare at the dot on the oddly colored version of your image for about 20 seconds. While continuing to stare at the dot, touch the screen for the image to change and you should see your image in color if you are still staring at the dot. The illusion is that the image isn't in color at all, but in black and white.

We hope this clears things up for some people who don't understand the point of this app.**

Can people who understand the illusion please help us by responding to the people who don't understand what is going on?


Constantly Crashes

Title says it all

Great App! But it doesn't work

Mr. Developer, this might not be your thing. Wanna try cooking instead?



Hate it

Hate it

More bugs and crashes than the highways in India.

Some pics were turned upside down, app only worked in airplane mode. About as interesting/entertaining as looking at my phone cross-eyed.


It might be a good app, I don't know, it crashes way to much.

Maybe a good App???

Just like everybody else.... This app crashes right when I open it. Could be good... I guess.

Crashes up the wazoo

I don't even know what the app is supposed to do. And I never will.


it'd be awesome if it worked but it closes on me every time


It crashes:(

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