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Stealth Tone is a special tool that most 20+ year olds cannot hear! Due to a special frequency, you can play this annoying sound in stealth mode. It also includes an audible sound similar to a grenade dropping.
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Great for various scenarios! If you're in a classroom and want to play a practical joke on your classmates without the teacher ever knowing, this is the perfect utility.

If you're an adult hosting a party and want to drive teens away, hook up this app to some speakers and watch the underage kids leave!

Got a younger sibling you just can't stand? Crank it up!

Do not play the sound provided by this application at a high amplification or for a prolonged period of time as it may damage your hearing. Please read the standard App Store EULA for more detailed information.


Update to 11.0 IOS

It needs to update to iOS 11

Needs update

This app needs to be updated to be compatible with the coding on current iOS systems. I had it on my old iPod and want to install it on my iPad, but the new iOS systems cannot run its coding type. That is the only thing blocking it from a full five star review on my part.

Golden Eyes 1

Needs to be updated to iOS 11

Update this please

I have an update and it told me this app needs to be updated To give you a five star update it for me to download it because I like this app I have an iOS 11. Please update


I love this app


I'm 28 and I can hear it fine and its annoying as he my brother is 16 and he can't hear it looooooool funny


Great for annoying people!

P180 Avanti

I like driving my friend crazy with it. He can hear it like 30 feet away, but I can only hear it if it is next to my ear. At the movies, we did the audible one and it was awesome! I only wish I could hear it better. Maybe make a slightly lower setting, too.


Great app, I find it funny that all these people are compaining because they're too deaf to hear it... Ha ha. By the way I'm 12 and I can hear it fine, parents baffled. (my dad still thinks its a big trick, he holds it away from me and says to raise my hand when I hear him turn it on. :D )


Great app love to use it

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