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Ever dream of having unlimited cash in your hands and just making it rain bills? Then this is the app for you! Have your friends seeing green when you blow your wad of cash in their faces!
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Finance Free StuckPixel, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Make it rain with 6 different types of bills.
- See how much you can make it rain in the 30 second time challenge.
- High Scores and Total amount spent.



Thank you so much it's the best I use it all the time now it make me feel like I'm am million dollars

Worst app ever!

Are you kidding me with this? This is the worst app ever! Thanks but I think I will get carpal tunnel syndrome from something a bit more productive instead. This app makes you feel like a stupid monkey!


What a crapy app who makes this kind of trash


This is the lamest app ever

App App Critic

The app is okay but it isn't the best. Good job though.

Out of curiosity...

How many other people were directed to this app by a pop-up when opening an app? I truely do not see a point to this. If the goal was to be challenging, the developers have failed. If the goal was to be fun or entertaining, the developers have failed even harder than before. It is not fun or entertaining to fling scaled down dollar bills off the screen in the one direction allowed. If the bills all had different marks and folds, then this would be more entertaining. To most other apps, I might say "this has potential", but I know that even if this app is made one hundred times better, I would not keep it on my iPod.

Worst app ever made!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!

I agree this is eaisly the worst app ever!! Why would u even make this app???? It's pointless!! If I could give it negative stars I would. AWFULL!!! And pointless!! It's super obvious that the maker and his/her friends and family are the only ones to give it good scores. THEY SHOULD USE THIS IN THE C.I.A SHOULD USE THIS APP AS A TORTURE DEVICE TO GET INFO FROM SPIES!! I don't understand why this was ever made! How drunk was the maker when he came up with this app!! I've shown this to alot of my friends. And boy were they mad at me for wasting their time. HORRIBLE APP!


Haha me and my family loved it especially with the update :)

It's hard xD

I like it but I don't really understand how do I get higher cash values

Come on guys
Kfoss 92

It's definately not the worst app ever. One it's free. Two it's free. And three it does exactly what it says it would. I'll admit it's a silly premise but it's for entertainment. Spent a few minutes on it. I'll delete it eventually but for now it's a simple passtime. I've spent money on much worse apps before. All in all not bad.