Possibilities are Endless – Trello: organize anything! Review

Just play around with it until you figure it out. I’ll admit there were things I had to learn through trial and error but if you just start a personal board and use it for simple at-home tasks you will quickly get the hang of it. I organize everything with it now and it’s amazing. I wish I could make a career out of setting up Trello Boards for businesses. It’s so much better than email for internal communication and I definitely recommend using with Dropbox files to create a dashboard for viewing files in a more organized way. Being able to add backgrounds and cover photos to your lists makes it feel so much less like work when you’re looking at an aesthetically pleasing dashboard. I have everything from professional looking business boards with cover photos that help direct other members to the correct file locations to super glam and girly personal boards that speak to my soul. Trello is life changing.
Review by Kasey's Mom on Trello: organize anything!.

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