Trello: organize anything! Reviews

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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

Very useful


Thank you to developers



Wish you guys would update the UI to something more with the times.

Crashes too frequently


Was a great app/website until it started crashing and not syncing. The app hasn’t synced for weeks and the website has been down for 2 days now.

I’ll give it a nice 5 stars

mekhi martin

It’s a really good app cuz all you need to do is type in your email then it sends you the code then you can just type in the code then your done

Hijacks your lists till you pay


This app has closed my lists and I can’t get into them to get my notes unless I pay. Hijacks your own info - should be ileagal. Stay far away from this app. A little complicated and frustrating. This new format change apears To have hidden or deleted a number of my lists. Super frustrating.

I love it


I am beta testing it no crashes on iOS 15 I love the pride themes



I just love Trello, I manage events and Trello helps organize all of my details.

Best Workflow Ever


I have been trying to find a good workflow for my YouTube channel for a year, this is EXACTLY what I wanted and needed! Whether on a team or solo (like me) You need this!!!

Doesn’t sync with web app


I recently started using Trello more heavily. Are use it on the web the most and sometimes switch to my iPad I like to have my iPhone for convenience but I notice that the app does not sync up with the web version.

Not accessible

g lomb

Never had any problems using trello app until recently. Now i have problems accessing the app, it kicks me out. This has happened 8 times now. I’ve tried deleting the app, shutting off my phone to reset everything then reinstall the app but the problem still exists. Trello has become very unreliable.