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They are idiots and keep taking down my listing for a Louis Vuitton handbag saying it is not authentic. It’s a $1500 Bag and couldn’t be any more authentic. They shouldn’t accuse someone of something if they obviously don’t know their stuff! I get it people sell fakes on there, but then Offer Up should educate themselves on what real ones look like vs fakes before they take action. Twits! All the “buyers” on site are looking to offer close to nothing for valuable items. A complete waste of time listing as people just send ridiculously low offers that you have to respond to. I get it everyone wants a deal, but people need to be respectful of people’s time and the fact that no one is listing something to just give it away. Sellers just want to get at least a small portion of their original cost back. If buyers can’t respect that then they shouldn’t be there. It’s so rude.
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