It’s worth $1.99 for sure – Cruise Tycoon Review

And it’s fun... until you realize that the underlying maths are somehow all wrong. For example, I was trying to win the game at the medium level, had 50 ships, twice the tonnage of the nearest competitor, almost all ships in North America, advertised, promoted, sailing full... and yet only a 25% market share in North America while 2 competitors each had a 34% market share even though each had a commanding (60%) market share in another region. It doesn’t and can’t add up. If they fixed that one issue I could more easily overlook the other issues like how the port cancellations are doled out and handled... or huge sums of money are subtracted out of your current account for no apparent reason. There also appears to be nothing you can do to increase passenger counts in off season... all the tools have no effect. The computer will fill your ships to 100% June through August and over Christmas no matter how crappy they are, and only give you about 65-70% full at other times no matter how great they are, how desirable the port, or how much you advertise or promote.
Review by The Scout on Cruise Tycoon.

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