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Cruise Tycoon is paid iOS app published by TRADEGAME Lab Inc.

It’s good but needs more cruise ships etc


Would like to see more newer cruise ships and routes and excursions

Best game ever


This the best game ever.first of all there are no ads and that makes it very pleasant to play.second of all its a tycoon game and I love tycoon games.

I wish I knew sooner that this had been updated!


I played this game from roughly 7 years ago (senior year high school) on a field trip and was hooked. That was on my wifi-only 3rd gen ipod touch. Then I got it on my first iPhone. Then it didn’t update for some time for my SE, was very sad. I kept two old devices around just to play this - my favorite tycoon game ever. I am overjoyed that it has been updated and I’m sorry I didn’t check sooner. This game is amazing. If you love a good tycoon game, this is a great one with good user interface for a small device. 200% recommended by me. ?

Great game


This game made my dream come true

Amazing Game


I've been playing this for years and I wish there were more games like it. This will stand in my top 3 favorite ship-related games for years most likely since ship games aren't really focused on at all anymore besides World of Warships which is still moving strongly. I really wish this game could get some sort of revamp in the future or a 2nd title.

Cruise tycoon


I would love for y’all to give the game a update I love the game but feels like it’s to a update a new ports and new map and love to see new ships as well your player Matthew Fleming from spring TX


Giggli boy

Gets very boring after a while. Unrealistic. I really wanted a game like this but it is just too simple. The graphics are junk and you can’t build your own ships room by room!

A little hard to understand at first


This game is A little hard to understand at first but once you get the hang of it it is actually pretty fun. These are the kind of tycoon games that I enjoy. Good game.

My purchases did not restore.

Sun moon stars air earth

I love the game but when I did the restore purchase button it did not give me my port or the boat I bought before. I bought the extra money twice but I did not get it in the game . Can you plz fix the problem so I can enjoy the game again.

It’s worth $1.99 for sure

The Scout

And it’s fun... until you realize that the underlying maths are somehow all wrong. For example, I was trying to win the game at the medium level, had 50 ships, twice the tonnage of the nearest competitor, almost all ships in North America, advertised, promoted, sailing full... and yet only a 25% market share in North America while 2 competitors each had a 34% market share even though each had a commanding (60%) market share in another region. It doesn’t and can’t add up. If they fixed that one issue I could more easily overlook the other issues like how the port cancellations are doled out and handled... or huge sums of money are subtracted out of your current account for no apparent reason. There also appears to be nothing you can do to increase passenger counts in off season... all the tools have no effect. The computer will fill your ships to 100% June through August and over Christmas no matter how crappy they are, and only give you about 65-70% full at other times no matter how great they are, how desirable the port, or how much you advertise or promote.