This is Incredible! And Child Ideas – This War of Mine Review

I absolutely love this game it’s really well made and detailed and I love that you can have children it’s so cool and it is so realistic but one thing I would add is Toddlers! I know what your thinking why would this person want toddlers well there are kids right and if you can make them, you can make toddlers and not just that can you make children scavenge? I know yeah it’s weird but in real life kids are able to scavenge so why not in the game? And can you make it able to see children in the areas like the places you scavenge because I find it weird that the only children you see are the two kids who need medicine and the playable ones so please add these when you have the chance and that will be cool so keep up the good work on making this game awsome.
Review by Mr. CookieCream3789 on This War of Mine.

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