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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.

PLEASE FIX FOR IPHONE 11, edit: thank you


Thank you for finally fixing it! The stories are great. I am considering buying the little ones.



Played lots of survival games in my time, and this one is too hard to find it enjoyable. The RNG screws you over a lot. Sites that claim to have certain items, like food for example, offer nothing but wood and mechanical parts. Day cycle isn’t long enough. No tutorial of any sort throws you right into the game wasting precious day time trying to figure out the mechanics. Backpack storage is laughably low it’s almost non-existent. I want to like this game based on what I’ve heard about it and I’ve wanted to play it for so many years but the mechanics just make it not fun at all.

Love it


Best survival game I’ve played on iphone.

Solid Game, Worth every Penny

X-Rays or Gore

I’ve been playing TWoM ever since it came out. Cheesy, I know. But I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the game when you purchase it. The different storylines and the different characters are variety to how you can play things out. The Little Ones DLC also adds a level of excitement and more depth to the game as you are forced to decide what to do with the lives of kids. Overall, fantastic game. 5/5

Too expensive


Solid game, too expensive. You can get the same game for a fraction of the price on a pc. A “moline experience” is fun but ain’t worth this much (15 dollar)

Absolutely incredible!


The reviewers have already covered how and why this is an amazing and one of a kind. I play it with my wife on an iPad Pro 12.5”. Never experienced a bug. I can’t stop thinking of so many things they could build off of this masterpiece but sadly, they aren’t adding any more DLC to the game on PC but there are some fairly new DLC out on PC but it hasn’t been added to the mobile version yet. @Developers, PLEASE HURRY WITH THE FINAL DLC PORTS! My money is waiting and waiting, Thanks for an experience I’ll never forget and never stop visiting.

Best game ever


Love all of it. Freaking epic. Only a couple of things i would add if possible. Make the game longer, add more spots. New challenges etc.



Очень атмосферная игра, знаком ещё с пк версии. Купил по акции за 2$. Очень доволен и всем рекомендую. Все таки война, так же как и эмиграция раскрывает человеческие пороки.



I played all the scenarios. Really an awesome game. I am hoping for more updates. Maybe more characters and story lines. And it would be nice if the characters can have more interactions with each other.

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