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This War of Mine is paid iOS app published by 11 bit studios s.a.



This game I gave a 5 star review in the past, but the new updates messed with the coding it seems. During the sniper junction event, there is little to no audio clue in which the sniper is shooting, making it extremely difficult to complete the mission without dying. The visual clues are there though (bullets hitting the ground). When in combat with firearms, you can’t hear the shots being fired. This bothers me a lot because it breaks the immersion to the point where there is no point in immersing the player. I know I’m asking much, but please fix these issues. But, in the end, this war of mine is a great game full of immersive experiences, and requires tough decisions and smart decisions as well.

Best game+recommendations


This game is the best ever.But when you get raided it would be cool if you would be able to play the part when you defend yourself for the looters.

Good game but too difficult

Z gamer 955

This is a good game but it is too difficult. The developer should have offered different levels of difficulty such as very easy, easy , normal, difficulty etc. or, they could offer a beginner pack to purchase with real money for $2-3 to get a gun and some extra resources to be able to defend yourself. I don’t like playing a game and having to restart over and over till I get lucky and pass week 1-2.

Brilliant yet sad


This game has depth.

Crashes all the time


I have a 6 plus the game worked but now I can’t even play it now please fix

Wonderful Game, Great Mobile sport


My only issue with the mobile port is I cannot listen to music or podcasts while playing — it takes over my audio! I love This War of Mine. It’s a truly engrossing game that you lose over and over again but it’s still fun to play (like Binding of Isaac or other similar throw-digital-bodies-at-the-problem-centric games).

Amazing storytelling, but quits often


The storytelling and atmosphere in this game are amazing. The only problem I have is that I literally can’t play it because the app will quit whenever I go out to scavenge. Super frustrating because the game only saves at the beginning of the day and I have to rebuild/cook/sleep/trade all over again. I really would like to be able to play this again. Hope it’s fixed soon.

Amazing, but needs tiny fixes


I absolutely love this game. It’s one of the only games on my device that I haven’t left alone for awhile. My only problem is that there are tiny little bugs still roaming around. For instance, in places like St. Mary’s Church or the Hotel, stealing from bandits will cause a morale penalty. I just ask that these minor bugs be fixed. Also, I hope that one day custom scenarios will be added onto mobile. I know that Emilia and Anton, and Cveta if there are no children, basically have barely any useful traits. Yeah, Anton sets traps faster, Cveta can get more help from neighbors and is great for consoling other survivors, Emilia is one of THE MOST unsympathetic and ruthless people out there, so she can steal and kill with literally no effect on her morale state once so ever. But I feel like perhaps a little more advantages could be added to these three characters. Anton could also get more food from traps and has a slight speed boost, Cveta is already pretty fast and consoling, especially with children, so maybe raise her inventory size to 10, and Emilia could maybe have the ability to give people logical reasons to adjust their morale compass and reasoning bad actions so their morale doesn’t drop that low. And, I know. It’s war, and not everyone is going to be useful. Just please, devs, at least read my suggestions about Anton, Cveta, and Emilia.

Don’t buy it right now


This game is unplayable right now, I haven’t started this game successfully once, crashed every single time !!



Hi I really do injoy this game and the little ones dlc I do wonder is there going to be more dlc coming for this game and I do mean a hole lot more dlc pls keep me posted real soon and ty