Love/hate – Fruit Ninja® Review

Let me get this out of the way- this game is actually pretty decent. But, if you are looking at the reviews to see if you should download the game or not- strap in for a middle school sized essay. The first thing I would change about this game is the main menu and how you unlock modes. When I first started on this game, I thought that I would get every mode at the start of the game, but I had to unlock all of them, (except classic) and that led to me being extremely frustrated and took me about a month to unlock all of the modes. It explains everything in the description of the app, including how to play the modes, but failed to mention how long it takes you to unlock all of these modes. And every mode (except classic, arcade, and zen) were epic fails. When you unlock another mode, a message of,” THIS MODE IS CRAPPY, SUCKER,” should appear. The second thing I would change is, get rid of the fruit fact saying that apple seeds are poisonous. When I was little and I played this game (I was like 5) I was very close to not eating apples, but my mom told me the truth. And I think that this game appeals to younger kids, and apples might be the only healthy thing they eat. Other than that, home run! Good job developers!
Review by Rplantfght on Fruit Ninja®.

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