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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Old one better


Played it for nostalgic reasons hate the path they took with this game oh well.



I remember when this game first came out I grinder the crap out of it luckily I was able to recover my old account of lvl 27 with almost every blade unlocked. Thank god for that cause now you have to buy the blade with star fruit instead of doing the blade challenges to unlock them. I had EVERY blade unlocked and for some reason I don’t anymore and now have to buy them with star fruit. For that reason I only give 3 stars

This used to be Better

Rainbow Cookieees

This game was so much better before all the changes, missed the different challenges each level was different now it so boring

My I’ll miss

Better find another app


Trash tier game



Micro-Transaction Ninja

Joshua D.

This latest iteration of Fruit Ninja is a complete shadow of its former self in my opinion. It's one that is totally corrupted by micro-transactions by all accounts. When I first bought Fruit Ninja on my Android devices and then now Apple devices, forever ago, the game was brilliant in my opinion. But, over the years this once great title has just gotten worse and worse with the inclusion of myriad in-app purchases, advertisements and ultimately - developer greed. I think it would be so cool if, Halfbrick, offered a classic version of Fruit Ninja as a one time purchase, with no vile advertisements for other Halfbrick games or otherwise and absolutely no in-app purchases. Sadly, because of the aforementioned greed I just really don't see that lovely idea ever happening. You'd think that after all the money this developer has made from Fruit Ninja and its other titles, that they would be cool enough to offer a classic version of this game. Like I said, though, I don't ever see that happening with Halfbrick truly being lost to greed. That fact is very unfortunate in my opinion because this used to be one of the best video games available on mobile devices and elsewhere I always thought. Heck, I even bought a copy of Fruit Ninja for my Xbox 360 back in the day to play it using Kinect. And let me tell you, that was an awesome way to play this game, using your arms like swords to slash fruit and rack up crazy combos. I found as well that it was a really good physical workout. So, I have no aversion to spending my hard earned money on quality video games offered by ethical and moral developers/studios. But Fruit Ninja and Halfbrick are so far removed from being ethical and moral now. That, honestly, I refuse to spend even the lint in my pocket on the corrupted trash this once great title has truly become.

Old ones was better

AJ Sparky

Title says.

I don’t know


I really don’t know I just like the game



You got it


Train update

This game bad no get. one star