Beautiful display of photographs, but buggggggggy! – Behance Display Review

This app does a nice job of beautifully displaying and syncing photos between devices. But bugs are everywhere. Some photos just won’t display. A large black ugly margin appears after you display a project, and you have to quit the app (not just close it) to get rid of it. Occasionally, a project icon disappears, and you have to go through the project editing process to get it back. Sometimes you have to trash the entire app and re-download it. I delayed writing this review in the hope that Adobe would fix these obvious problems, but it’s been a few months, and they’re still there. So 3 stars, it is. C’mon Adobe. Get your act together. Fix this otherwise great app. You abandoned the beloved Muse and Business Catalyst, so you can’t claim you lack the manpower...
Review by BD35 on Behance Display.

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