If it bleeds it leads!!! – CNN: Breaking US & World News Review

Count CNN as just one of many news apps that adheres to the old “if it bleeds it leads” axiom. Over the years I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled this app in hopes that CNN may have lifted itself back to respectability in regards to NOT showing us the worst in ourselves just to generate “clicks.” Today I tried again FOR THE LAST TIME!!! The third story featured was one of a small 8 year old child being brutally murdered! With EVERYTHING going on in the world, that is third?!?!?! SHAMEFUL!!!! To be clear my review is in no way politically based. I am almost as ANTI-REPUBLICAN as anyone can be! Stooping to the lowest common denominator should be left to those at FOX News! Have some respect for yourselves and for those who look to you to stay informed! I will continue to watch the cable channel, but NEVER will give the app another thought!
Review by Crockett[MiamiVice] on CNN: Breaking US & World News.

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