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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.



Ability to discern actual news from political slamming of conservatives is grey at best. Just report the facts guys and gals.

I’m democratic, but I couldn’t put up anymore


I deleted Fox apps from my phone because all they do is talk (good) about Trump. Today I’m deleting CNN apps because all they do is talk (bad) about Trump. It’s exhausting. I’m keeping BBC news and the News apps that comes with the iPhone. Rafael (NYC) Finally free !

Opinion/Analysis ≠ News


CNN journalist analysis is not news; it’s opinion. Many people in the USA cannot separate the two, though, so your peddling opinion and narrative as news is irresponsible, dangerous, and an insult to journalism. Shame.



This is all liberal biased pretending to be news. These people are dangerous and FOS. Pathological liars honestly hate The country. That’s not Forget that they said white people especially white men are dangerous.

App works but that’s it

Trapper brad

The app is fine. Content is garbage. Childish trashy headlines. Absolutely disgraceful.

Worst news app out there

used to like cnn

Bogged down with ads to the point it is unusable. Freezes constantly to the point you have to close it and reopen. They are more concerned with giving you ads then giving you the news!



Essential only to gain full perspective on journalism. I trust nothing from CNN sadly. Only keep this app to understand the degree of slander being reported.


Tblah blah

What happened to broadcasting the facts and truth instead of forcing your opinions onto your viewers. Showing one sided stories and censer what you show and twist stories into what you want people to believe. Should be ashamed and one day people will hold criminal charges.

Not worth your time


Calling this news reporting is a joke. You make fox look somewhat honest



The instant you touch the screen to scroll a link pops up making articles unreadable. And being forced to watch 15 second ads for a 30 second video is a sublime waste of time. I'm deleting this awfully built app

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