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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Love my CNN but...


Why all these commercial when trying to watch a video story? Wish I could pay something for this app and not have to watch commercial after commercial.

CNN Summery of Coverage


CNN is my “go to” news source when I need to see what the mindless left tries to sell as news? Keeps me clear on how really nuts these people are so I’m never tempted to think they might make sense. By reading their agenda driven diatribes, I realize that it’s not about reporting facts but rather working for a specific agenda, facts be dammed.

Give you one star


Crashes Often again since updated.... now STINK CNN I’m going to check on USATODAY instead tired of CRASHES often for cnn...

Latest version drains battery non-stop


The battery monitor in iOS shows CNN app as the #1 battery hog by a large margin. CNN app continues to drain the battery even after the iPad cover is closed and the screen is off.

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Lord Plurpy

Did you see the ratings!!! 4.7 really! Who believes this garbage? CNN is full circle of hype and propaganda, sprinkles of truth on top, to keep what lies they need going. It’s so slanted that even when they have something real to say; they already lost me in the spin of nonsense. I can’t ever come back to this! Stop drinking this cool aid. It’s poison!

CNN - go app on TV


My problems is with the app keeps shutting off if played for a few hours of the day!! Why??? It’s so annoying when you have to log back in especially with a important storyline come on!! Can yo fix this so you can have continuous play with out shouting down and logging back in?

Absolutely USELESS!

Mosart 247

I live in a remote area of Vermont and cable is NOT, and NEVER will be, available to me. I rely on the internet — at 3Mbps — for ALL my news and video entertainment. Be warned: you CANNOT watch CNN on this app unless you also pay for a cable service... Here’s the REAL question: WHY would anyone PAY to watch ADVERTISEMENTS?! If CNN is taking money from advertisements, then WHY should I PAY for a cable service to watch advertisements — assuming I could even get cable?! Wake up are falling behind the trends and will make yourselves obsolete. The new generation will NOT pay to watch ads. We know better than that.

Crashes or throws error launching live TV


Can’t watch live TV. Super excited about ditching cable, but until CNN is properly supported on Apple TV, I can’t.



Just a question:: Why don’t all of the “cruise ships”” Go and dock @ the Bahama’s ??? Ppl. Can get showers, shelter, food & water. Just saying Doti

Nobody has time for an app that freezes up


Yup, that’s right. Whenever I try to open up a CNN notification, app opens up and promptly freezes. Smh!!