Fluky, non user-friendly – CNN: Breaking US & World News Review

I’m not sure what standard most these reviewers have that rave about this app. The first review I saw called this app “refreshing”! I suspect the ratings of this app have been padded with paid for reviews because nothing on this app is smooth or “refreshing”! -videos don’t link properly. You never know what video will play when you try to link to them. -this is assuming video plays at all -formatting is actually pretty good....back when I downloaded the app on my first iPhone nine years ago! Since then the layout has changed very little. -the list goes on and on more than I care to continue with writing about it. CNN-hire a clever high school kid to reformat and fix your app. They couldn’t possibly do any worse than whoever you use now!
Review by PhillyMeh on CNN: Breaking US & World News.

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