What a Waste!! – Screeny 2.0 Review

I downloaded this app, forgot about it for a couple days, then went into it. After the opening screen came up I couldn’t even remember what this was “supposed” to do, and the main screen offers no hints. Some people talk about “Options”...I couldn’t find any “Options”, other than the selection option once it finally “discovered” a few of my 9,000+ photos. I was hoping this might offer some help with duplicates, etc, but no luck. I have over 350 screenshots, but it didn’t identify ANY of them; of my 9k photos, it identified about 24. I don’t like app creators who have to act like “artistes” and think it’s somehow “chic” to fail to offer tutorials, FAQ’s, instructions; instead just present a minimal screen and act like anyone “worthy” was born with the necessary knowledge to maximize utility of their artwork. If you use iCloud, don’t waste your time with this app...it won’t recognize your photos as photos. If you dig far enough down in the verbiage in the iStore it will mention this.
Review by mcl3086 on Screeny 2.0.

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