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This APP is the best thing out there for running my Foscam cameras. I have eight, 4 inside and 4 outside. I still have the Foscam APP for preset positions and zoom, etc if needed BUT this APP is so much better. The Cellular connectivity speed is so fast it is just like being on WIFI on the LAN. With other APPS I cannot look at all my cameras in any quick way. I easily scroll through all 8 cameras with perfect ease on cellular. At home this APP is also better for viewing all 8 cams simultaneously on the iPad. I have an iPad2 in the kitchen that is set to never sleep and keeps all cams in view at a glance, the format fills up the iPad screen perfectly with 8 cameras. I have been using this APP daily for over a year or better and it has never failed. I have never used the motion alerts so I cannot comment about that. If you are viewing cameras remotely this APP is the fastest I have seen and somehow doesn't use much bandwidth it appears as their is no lag and scrolling through camera views is so easy. I am using iPhone6. Also, I love how the APP finds all of your cameras on your LAN and then will automatically setup the remote access portion for you. On many other APPs you have to manually enter in all that information. Don't forget to set all of your cameras with static IP's so you always have the remote access uninterrupted. For me a real deal for the super low price!!
Review by Pat267FE on OWLR IP Camera Viewer.

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