Great, but mobile check deposit lacking – Sun East Federal Credit Union Review

Wish I could give more stars because I love Sun East. The app itself is great and lets me see my balances when I'm away from a computer. My issue is with the mobile check deposit. I attempted to upload a check using the mobile check upload, but was given an unclear error message. Naturally, I attempted a few more times thinking I took a bad picture, even though it was clear and centered on my end. I was annoyed because it's now endorsed for Sun East mobile deposit only, so I can't take it elsewhere. I usually use the PNC mobile check upload and have never had problems. Customer support was very understanding, helpful, and nice, even though they couldn't find the reason why it kept rejecting the check. I ended up having to mail the check into them to deposit for me (I no longer live near a branch and the closest shared branch is an hour away), so I appreciated that they offer this option and I didn't have to drive an hour to cash it. Luckily I'm not in dire need for the money, otherwise I would be an unhappy camper. Moral of the story, be wary of mobile check deposit if you're in a time crunch, but customer service is super nice and helped me through my options.
Review by AudreyRose08 on Sun East Federal Credit Union.

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