The Update ruined it – Fruit Ninja® Review

Fruit Ninja was pretty fun, especially during the ghost buster event; it was great to play and enjoyable, you could take it easy and not have to stress too much, especially if you were like me and used the Megatide dojo and the Cloud blade (totally cheap but efficient so what?) But now, with the update coming around, I started to lag; which is strange because that has never happened before. But now suddenly fruit gets frozen and I can't do anything about it; It'll just freeze and then suddenly they are all dropped. Which is absolutely frustrating in classic mode. Plus, in tournament mode, I get glitched fruits that are blue but then it's treated like red. (And I directly see it's a blue fruit, it's in the beginning waves of the battle, they don't spawn together in the first two waves last I checked). Don't get the update if you haven't yet. It's ruined me and I'm sure it's hurt some other people as well.
Review by Kally?????❤?? on Fruit Ninja®.

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