Misguided guide – Museum of the Phantom City: Other Futures Review

I love my city, its history, its potential, and its phantoms, but to require the user to go to the actual location to uncover the city's secrets is a fatal flaw in this app. Not even those of us who live here can get to all those places, but we might want to if we had a chance to explore them virtually first--the way exploring other cities through google earth or even traffic cams has inspired me to learn more about those places and dream and plan to travel there. It's a bit like a restaurant guide requiring you to stand outside the restaurant before it will tell you the menu, rating, or even type of cuisine. Reprogram the app into something that realistically works the way people use apps, and I'll reconsider my rating. There are some interface issues--but no compelling reason to fuss further with the app.
Review by Outside Food on Museum of the Phantom City: Other Futures.

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