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Instagram just committed suicide with this latest update that drastically changed the look and features that made it popular. I initially upgraded and gave it a chance, but then I was forced to revert to the prior version via my PC. The branding and UI may seem dated to you, but we've all come to know and love it. Minor tweaks to the app icon and theme would have been welcome, but who are you kidding when you try convincing everyone that the new iOS logo still represents the old branding? You look like some 3rd party app trying to uniquely knock-off the awesome IG app logo. The UI background, feed, and features are horrible. I can't stand looking at the app without my eyes hurting (and I keep my screen fairly dim!). Aside from that, the benefit of the classic IG background is that it made viewing and editing photos easy on the eyes and accurate. I already see that IG users (pro photographers included!) are not ending up with the best results in their editing (there's a reason that all photo editing apps have dark backgrounds and avoid harsh ones!). You went back on that promise to let us view the feed in chronological order of posts a month after supposedly "hearing us" -- your app can't determine what I deem most important. I like see all of my posts in order, but if you're ramming post importance down my throat, at least let me indicate which accounts I care most about. Let me switch between both options as I see fit. Then it's those little things that count like having usernames and hashtags now charging from blue to black -- so I can't easily distinguish linked items from comments. I can't easily access saved hashtags anymore without scrolling through a ginormous list. I mean, there are so many things in the UI that just didn't need changing or fixing -- so why fix what isn't broken?! I'm really disappointed with this update. You killed the IG people have come to know and love. Can you imagine drastically changing the Facebook logo, theme, and/or features?! Branding = identity. Features can make or break the user experience. IG's branding and features have become a recognized classic -- even by those who don't use the app! If you feel IG needs such new direction ( . . . and it does NOT), then kill the app altogether and start a new social media app altogether. Don't try to convince users that this update is better and resembles the old identity. It doesn't. If you don't revert to the old theme, icon, and features, I'm pretty certain that virtually nobody will use the app anymore. I'd hate to have to mourn for an app that was already great -- whoever had these "brilliant" ideas for this new update should be fired! Thanks for ruining my beloved IG.
Review by MashaT22 on Hyperlapse from Instagram.

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