Feels like a gem under a pile of other apps – SkyDragon RPG Review

Been searching for a fun game that isn't riddled to the brim with IAP. Decided to give this one a try even with the lack of reviews. Honestly, I was impressed. The graphics remind me of Final Fantasy Tactics for some reason. The game plays like an idle game, with a Gacha that isn't forced on you, which is nice. It is similar to games that have a relic/item system with rebirthing to get further. It also has a list of weapons you buy which provide different abilities depending on their level. Only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the lack to bind/save your data. I don't mind the occasional IAP to support but this is keeping me away for now. The game came out not too long ago and is rough around some areas, even so the graphics look nice and the animations are fun to look at. All in all, if you like idles, give it a go, you might get charmed.
Review by Zenkuai on SkyDragon RPG.

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