Slightly Biased. Untapped Potential! – #Emojis Review

I like to support anyone willing to step outside the norm and create something for us gays, & our supporters as well. Having said that, I was very generous giving 3 stars simply for having a gay option, but the app needs lots of work in order to compete with other adult emoji apps, & that's not saying much b/c most other adult emojis also leave something to be desired. This has very few emojis and many are pretty bad quality. I do like the animation. It has potential but in it's present state is not really worth any amount of $. If you read the reviews of all other adult emoji apps, there definitely seems to be a demand/market for more sexual content, (both gay & str8 content) so perhaps the creators of this app could focus on that. Then, not only could it compete & be worth more $, but it also could be a leader & take advantage of this untapped potential.
Review by Jncvariety on #Emojis.

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