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#Emojis is paid iOS app published by Billy Core

Slightly Biased. Untapped Potential!


I like to support anyone willing to step outside the norm and create something for us gays, & our supporters as well. Having said that, I was very generous giving 3 stars simply for having a gay option, but the app needs lots of work in order to compete with other adult emoji apps, & that's not saying much b/c most other adult emojis also leave something to be desired. This has very few emojis and many are pretty bad quality. I do like the animation. It has potential but in it's present state is not really worth any amount of $. If you read the reviews of all other adult emoji apps, there definitely seems to be a demand/market for more sexual content, (both gay & str8 content) so perhaps the creators of this app could focus on that. Then, not only could it compete & be worth more $, but it also could be a leader & take advantage of this untapped potential.

Not a keyboard


The best you can do is copy and paste these. It isn't optimized for iPhone 6 or 6+. The emojis are low quality. Great idea, but bad implementation. I regret paying for this.

Not worth it


I regret paying for this. There are hardly any emojis. Not to mention you can only send them as pictures. If I wanted to send a picture to someone I would just download it from google.


Betty commodore

It real nice awerson something different .like it lot.i give it 5 Stars. From Betty .

Great job


Only app out there that does the job. Good work. Would recommend.

Very poor application

No 622

I regret paying for it. A very poor application and it does not even try to improve itself. It is like the designer just thought about millions of 99 cents.

Not worth it


Not worth the money! Emojis don't animate! They are small in text. Do buy it!



The graphics are terrible! Nothing is creative! Slap the developer in the face!!! Yuck. Wasted my money.

Pretty cool but?

problemchild 19642012

I was hoping there were more. And they should be bigger.