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Zombie Gunship Survival is free iOS app published by Flaregames GmbH

Can’t stop playing


The best game I have on my iPhone

Lack of Diverse Troop Voices


It doesn’t make much sense how an American man, a Chinese immigrant, and a Russian woman all have the exact same voice. The troops need different voices. Other than that, there’s not much wrong with the game.

Pass the time.


Great game to pass the time.

Frag em all


Fun but confusing! Won’t let me beat some levels to move on.Great timewaster.



I’ve been waiting for a game like this!!! I’m so happy someone finally made it. I hope they make more like this! Preferably modern combat.. :)



El juego ah evolucionado mucho desde sus inicios, paraje que estoy matando talibanes jajajaja

No pressure to buy

Sick of this crap!!!

Great game. Shoot zombies from a plane. Get easy and difficult upgrades, you are not pressured into buying extras. But its cool if you do.



Play it, now. DO IT

I like this game but...


I like this game but on level 3 the forest I can’t get past B on it and it’s starting to drive me crazy I will delete the game until the game is fixed and it says easy it’s not easy!🤯😡👍🏻😠🙂😎😠

Was fun for a money grab game


This game was fun in the beginning but now it is a boring and tedious money grab. I made the mistake of paying for upgrades at the start. Takes so long to get to the last rank of weapons/privileges that it is not worth the time. Has taken more time to go from rank 29 to 30 than it took to get to rank 29. Can’t use a large portion of the game till rank 30. The weekly challenges are now boring and mindless grinding for no rewards. There WAS rewards in the beginning. Not now. No updates on the game. Devs are just coasting and raking in cash from the new people.