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Zombie Gunship Survival is free iOS app published by flaregames GmbH

I like!


I’m not an avid gamer, but this is easy to understand and is a lot of fun to pass the time with!



i watch demolition ranch on youtube i heard about this game from matt he said it was a good game so i checked it out for myself and it is an addictive game i like it!!!!

Great game


Great game. Does not require you to spent lots of money to enjoy it and have a great play

Good Zombie-killing game, maybe.


It was fun for awhile until i ran into the level-up inconsistencies. Too much that it became intolerable for me to keep the game going so i end up deleting the game. Just to be fair i gave it a good run up to level 20.

Really enjoy game


I enjoyed the last Zombie game but this has a lot more going for it. More fun scenes.

Definitely better than the first one.........but

Xiled GU4RD1AN

The game is really fun to play but after a while it starts to get a little repetitive. The only thing that really bothers me is the armory. Even when you upgrade it, it doesn’t increase the amount of space to store more than 4 crates at a a time, it only upgrades the amount of materials you can store. Other than great game!

Amazing gameplay!


This is the best Zombie Gunship game yet! Keep up the great work



Fun game. Kind of repetitive at times.

Issues made it 3 star instead of 5


I think this is a great game and a lot of fun but some of the scenarios are impossible to complete! The troops move too slowly and the buildings are too far apart. In Sierra Township, I have repeatedly looted the buildings in No Fear to reduce the amount of supplies left and therefore the time it takes to empty them. I have attacked from every angle but the troops do not have enough time to reach all three buildings in easy, let alone medium or hard. And this is with high powered weapons and the troops unimpeded by zombies! In guillotine, at the easy level, the impalers are overwhelming and kill the troops before they even get into a building. In Interstate Stolen Property, again, there’s not enough time to loot all the buildings. If there was a way to move the troops faster, it might help. It’s frustrating that it seems impossible to complete some levels

Fun game.


It’s a great game. The reward of metal versus supplies seems off but I am only in the beginning of the game.