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Zombie Gunship Survival is free iOS app published by flaregames GmbH

Disappointing lack of everything, even communication


Edit: In addition to the comments below, is like to add that the developers have taken it upon themselves to outright lie to the player base. I’ve never been more disappointed in a game or a company. I used to rate this game very highly because I believed it had potential. It still does, but the developers do not. Despite massive outcry from the game’s very loyal community, there has been next to no communication from the staff themselves. Even the community manager, Nikko himself, has been absent from the boards for almost two months. It’s been a noticeable decline from frequent communication about development, to frequent communication indicating a general lack in interest to player feedback, all the way down to absolutely no communication about why critical game events/features are suddenly absent, after having almost never missed a scheduled event. Weekly livestreams have stopped, new (completed might I add) weapons have yet to be implemented, and now we sparsely even get the generic, “We’ll consider your feedback” response. In addition there is an abhorrent number of bugs still floating around including objectives not being rewarded, event rewards not being distributed, and even an entire LEVEL that is 100% actually impossible to beat because it is designed poorly. Bungie of all people has been handling the poor release of Destiny 2 far better than Flare has dealt with ZGS, and while the game is still interesting enough to play for your first few weeks or months even, I would absolutely recommend against spending any money on the horrific loot system still in place. If this game isn’t worth Flare’s time, I have a hard time saying it should be worth anyone else’s.



Update: I’d rate this a flippin’ zero if I could! $9.99 was supposed to buy me an assortment of rares - all I received was the gold! I am done with you, Clownshoes!!! Fun, mindless pastime killing zombies. Operationally however: you complete a mission and receive a “reward” of a crate - one that you buy for 30 gold. Not much of a “reward.” In fact not one at all. The crates are filled with a mountain of repetitive, useless crap weaponry. One would expect a variety. At level 22 I am still pulling common, 1 star RPGs... Once in a GREAT while something better comes along. No reward of gold - the one item necessary to keep going in this game. Crap crates, crap weapons and a high requirement on gold, makes this game a selfish, I-wanna-get-rich, ploy by the developers who, frankly, aren’t all that impressive in terms of skill nor creativity.

Started fun but...

Still Not happy 666

This game starts out fun. However, the events have become repetitive and stale. The app hasn’t been updated in over 5 months, and only 1/3 of the promises made in said update have been delivered on. Feedback and responses from the company are both non-existent. It has become a cash grab for them under the blanket of false promises.



It's a great game and really fun.

Grate game

Salah El-Naggar

Best game ever

Now, a LOT disappointed!


3/3/18: Don't bother! Devs have moved on to other things. Since the Sep 2017 "update", which took the fun out of the game, there has been no new content, except a Writing Contest! Several items have NEVER been fixed: Rewards, certain ops (No Fear), never seen the 100mm (now a prize in the Writing Contest) or 105mm heavy cannons, as promised in Sept update. If you do decide to play, when you reach level 30, spend all your gold, scrap your weapons, then delete the game and play something else (try the original ZGS, at least you can get ALL the weapons from gameplay)! The Forum is really the only thing of interest anymore! 6/7: Better than the first, but slow progress after lvl 3 kinda makes game monotonous. Enjoy it, but only play once a day now. Money, money, money, but no different than any other game nowadays.

Great but keeps crashing


Love the concept and the game...just keeps crashing on me though

They want you to PLAY the game


This is one of the few apps i have downloaded that is actually fun and it seems the developers want you to actually play the game, there are micro transactions in the game but they are unnecessary, the game doesnt pull that candy crush nonsense of making you wait for more plays or pay a dollar, you can play as many times as you want, earn as many resourses etc. I was a little confused at first but its easy to get the hang of. Good Work. 👍



A unique approach to zombie games really feels like I'm raining Death From Above in a predator drone 10 stars out of five it deserves more but take this humble praise. Also perhaps a way to make more gold for free the premium crate was a big let down I finally saved up 200 gold and got crap worse than a simple common crate from a mission so ether lower the price or make gold easier to get then it would be perfect.

Great zombie game


If your bored and looking for a good zombie shoot em up game this is definitely gonna be up your alley