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Zombie Gunship Survival is free iOS app published by Flaregames GmbH

Zg survival


Great game !!!!!

Another fun one

climbing music guy

Another good addition to the zombie gunship games. I like the addition of building the base and the different load outs



Great game! Definitely download this one!

A rough, but mostly round experience


The gameplay over all is very good. Once you hit a certain point, you do hit a bit of repetition, but that’s to be expected of this sort of game without any real sort of story to it. The rest of the game on the other hand, could definitely use a bit of love. On its surface, it’s a lot like the CoD AC-130 missions. Pretty simple, but fun gameplay. There’s also a base building component which is fairly well handled. But the game definitely has its downsides. Pros: Well rounded gameplay: It plays like the CoD AC-130 missions. It’s very entertaining for how simple it is. Aside from a few visual bugs with enemy models, there isn’t really too much to complain about here. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. It’s also easy to learn. Balanced base building mechanics: Unlike other popular mobile games that include some sort of resource/troop gathering/base building element, there’s no PvP in this game so you don’t hit the same sort of P2W or paywall issues you do with other games. That may be a downside to some, but it means you don’t lose hours of progress or tons of $ for nothing. Supplies and weapon upgrading metal can be bought for relatively cheap gold prices. Affordable: Building on the last point, the premium currency isn’t too difficult to come by in game, the special currency bundles offered on weekends aren’t too expensive, and the premium currency isn’t really used for too much anyway, so again, there’s not significant paywalls. In-game forum: There’s a very active forum for players built right into the game that allows access to tons of discussion and help resources. Cons: Bad tutorial: This one’s mitigated by the in-game forum but the game’s tutorials and explanation of certain later mechanics isn’t great, and it takes a bit of trial and error to understand on your own. Horrid loot RNG: There isn’t the usual PvP paywall issue, but the game does operate under a loot box system which has pretty poorly stacked RNG. Getting better weapons to progress in the game can be a bit difficult. It’s balanced by the fact that the best weapons aren’t needed if you are good enough, but it can make the process much more frustrating. Poor supplementary store options: Adding on to previous comments, the purchasable loot boxes (with premium currency) are over-priced and definitely not worth the cost. Bugs: Tons and tons of extraneous bugs. One level is broken and incompletable, bonus reward objectives are broken, and a few other things thrown in here and there, detracting from the otherwise solid gameplay. Stagnant development: This is the big one. The last update was a very long time ago, and despite new, apparently completed content being teased, it seems like development of the game has basically been halted in preference of other ventures.

Worth it


One of the best games on IOS I've ever played. Unlike many others, you could probably play this game until your thumbs fall off with out ever having made an in-game purchase. I actually used this game to practice my brevity on comms and sensor control, as my job is to do this in real life minus the zombies.



Well this game is one of the best I love it y'all should update



A pretty good game. Lots of weapons to choose from once they are unlocked. Pretty simple and a great challenge on the harder levels. Easy to transition from target to target. One of the best games you can have without having to spend a fortune on. You have to put in the effort in order to unlock the full potential. This is definitely they most played game on my phone. Look forward to more games like this.



Pretty awesome game. It’s really fun to play. Now I don’t really get bored when having to wait for something.

A different vantage point


Vantage point from the air is a good approach in introducing to the gamers in dealing with Zombie Apocalypse. Great graphics as well!



I love that this game is actually fun and doesn't force you to spend money or cram loot specials down your throat. That being said, they are available if you chose to take advantage of them. I chose to buy the starter pack after reaching level 8 to support the devs and was not disappointed by over or under powered upgrades. They gave me a competitive edge but still require work to boost and fuse them to maintain their effectiveness. Great job with balancing this game I really enjoy playing it