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The Wordburger app is grill-ready for puzzle lovers and word nerds to take away. Keen to taste the strangeness of cryptic clues? Then here’s the perfect brain snack, the Wordburger app made for rookies or recent newbies to relish.
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The app offers 25 freshly made cryptics by master cryptic setter, David Astle. His crosswords lead you through the many clue types, from anagrams to reversals, each recipe custom-made for the brave beginner.

Tired of quick crosswords? The Wordburger app offers a simple how-to guide to cryptic solving, complete with cool animations, plus plenty of real examples to unravel. A feast to feed a youngster's brain, this app will also challenge any start-up champ who wants to chomp into a new way of solving.

As always, our crosswords are made for your own morphing. Feel free to change the paper, the grid, the ink, as well as highlight colours and choose among seven fonts. Make your crosswords look exactly the way you want them to!

The app also features these options:
• A timer, so you can try to beat your own times, or those of your friends
• A zoom feature in the grid, so you can see things up close
• Locking of correct letters, so you don't accidentally undo all your good work
• Highlighting incorrect letters, which you don't have to tell anyone about
• Reset of puzzles, so you can start again from blank grids
• AirPrint, so you can solve them on paper if you want to

So take a bite of Wordburger — your mind will go mmmmm.


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