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Crosswords for Kids, Volume 1
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Games $0.99 Denise Sutherland iPhone, iPad, iPod

No picture clues here! Twenty new quick crosswords by professional puzzle writer Denise Sutherland. All these puzzles have been written for children aged around 9–13. They're great for adults learning English as a second language, too. These are proper crosswords, with an easier vocabulary and easier clues than an adult's crossword.

The grid and clue lists are interactive — tapping a clue or square calls up the standard system keyboard to enter the letters. You can continue to interact with the grid while the keyboard is active.

You can zoom in on the grid, filling the screen with a word, and then pinch to zoom out again — or let the app auto-zoom for you!

The app has an optional timer, and settings for revealing letters, and hints if you're really stuck (type ? and the app fills a letter in for you). You can print from the app, if you'd rather solve the puzzles on paper.

Crosswords for Kids 1 is self-contained and works offline as well, so you can take these crosswords wherever you go. Need something to do on the bus or in maths class? These crosswords are ready whenever you are!

Uses standard Apple system keyboard or external bluetooth keyboard for text entry.

Requires iOS 7.0 or newer.


Wonderful app

This is a great app for children to not only work crossword puzzles, but to learn the mechanics of working them - previous words entered were incorrect, etc. Very well done and appropriate for youngsters. It is presented as a serious crossword puzzle and not a cutesy childish little game which immediately gives the child a leg-up on a life of crossword solving fun. We purchased this app for our granddaughter and we're so happy we found it.

Great app for older kids.

Well done app. A nice challenge for my 9 year old without being frustrating.

Perfect “elementary” crossword puzzles

I’m so incredibly pleased with this app!! First app I’ve ever reviewed, but since it didn’t have many reviews I couldn’t let this GEM stay undiscovered! My 6 year old son is elated! When he finished the first, and found put there were 25, he said, “I could be really busy!!!” My 9 and 11 year olds were also entirely engaged. I absolutely love that it’s in the same appearance and fashion as regular crossword puzzles, such as my NY Times, and so my kids feel like they’re doing the real thing. They really liked how the wrong letters appeared in red (although I believe you could change this?) I’m so, so happy to find literally exactly what I was hoping for on the App Store! Definitely worth my 99 pennies LOL THANK YOU!!

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