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Do you want to improve your vocabulary?
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Are all methods you try boring and old school?
It's time to say yes to 'WORD BUILDER'; an amazingly simple yet fun way to test your vocabulary.

Playing 'Word Builder' you'll be amazed at your own vocabulary. The letters will be in front of your eyes. You will be making all the weird combinations in your head. You will be on the verge of believing that no more words are possible. And CLICK! you’ll remember something you had forgotten.
This is the best way to spend quality time with yourself.

A must try for a fan of any and all word games.

Specially crafted letter sequences.
Rating charts are based on experience of more than 25 Million global players, playing over 10 Billion words.
A dictionary of more than hundred thousand words.
Simple but exciting game play.
5 Letters or longer words possible almost all the time.
Special Bonus/Scores to add to the fun.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle

Daily feature means you get a fresh puzzle everyday.


Makes my brain hurt!

But in a great way!


I enjoy working in this game to, first, pull words from the letters offered and, second, to fit letters together in order to collect the most points. This is a good game for those of us who enjoy playing Scrabble- but no opponent needed.

Scrabble solo

Love it! No one ever wants to play scrabble with me. This is a quick version that you p,ay on your own. Nice colors and easy to use yay!

Slim miss
Lil m4m4

Fun game

Enjoy playing

I like the personal challenge of finding the biggest words possible

Oh ness

Dictionary needs more words. It didn't recognize the word "roll"?

Can be frustrating

It has the potential to be a great game, needs to recognize more words though. Would not take...baristas, Cuban, and a bunch others. Would give a 5 star, but losing a lot of points due to not knowing words!

Lots of bugs

I like the idea, but the bugs are frustrating. For example, the game is slow to respond to my touching a letter to put it on the game board, and sometimes I have to click it twice. Also, a couple of times (I played 3 games) I selected a letter to add to the game board, only to have it not only not show up on the game board but also disappear from my selection of letters. Spice Labs has some work to do before I'll play this game again. Later...frustratingly limited dictionary, doesn't recognize bling or geas...think I'll delete this game and save myself some frustration


Enjoy the game but the daily puzzles are not available. When will it be fixed?

Good game

Scrabble all the way. My biggest frustration is only being able to "undo" one letter, so if u accidentally skip a letter & don't catch it right away, it takes your letters away. Otherwise it would be a "great game."

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