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'O', 'W', 'D', 'R' : these 4 letters you have.
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O-D-W-R: doesn't make any sense.
R-D-O-W: Still doesn't.
D-R-W-O: Nah.
W-O-R-D: Lights up the bulb!
It intrigues us to no end. Admirable,indeed, is the act of finding meaning in a jumble.
> Bringing you "Daily Jumble" -the best anagram puzzle game ever!
> Hundreds of pre-packaged puzzles!
> A new pack for every new day!
> Cute little Ms. Anna Gramm to be with you at every little step!
One of the Sayings in Daily Jumble:
"Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open"
"Speaker might have said this after playing Daily Jumble! ;-)" - Ms. Anna Gramm


The Humble Foodsnob

I downloaded this game because this company's version of hangman is pretty fun. But this game is awful! The "help" section is anything but helpful as the directions for how to play are completely useless. And as you mash "buttons" to figure out what you're supposed to do you realize that it's nearly impossible to mash "buttons"! You're supposed to tap the letters to highlight & move them but you have to attempt that at lease 3 times for each letter. I'm deleting this game.

Daily Jumble
Jumble Mama

I really enjoy the daily jumbles. But on May 23 there were no words in the game when I opened it. Then for the last 3 days there was an error problem and a message that said this app was unavailable. Please fix this app quickly.


Ditto on the. No shows... Last 10 days show error and no way to contact support


I love this game and the music. It's good brain exercise. Can anyone tell me the name and artist of the song playing while playing this game?

Error getting daily puzzle
Mahjonng Fan

Since 9/17/14, there's been a daily error stating app was not available. With no way to contact app support. A puzzle has not shown since 9/16/14.....

Daily jumble

Error messages for the last 10 days!

What's up with error box?
Gone shopping

Has company gone out of business or what. Where are the daily puzzles, they do not load.

Big kitten 5

It's too hard I deleted app now do not download if your bad at scrambling letters I am so sorry to say this but the thing is its bad not what I thought it would be ):(

Broken App

I downloaded the game, but haven't gotten to play. The words will not load. I'm going to find another and delete this app.


Doesn't work. At all.

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