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Wasgij Puzzles - Brainteaser Jigsaw Puzzles

Wasgij is the unique brainteaser puzzle brand where you are NOT puzzling the box image!
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Use your imagination and the hints provided to piece together a completely different image.

Wasgij is the UK's number one adult jigsaw puzzle range.

Three different puzzle concepts: Original, Destiny and Mystery
* Original (yellow) - Find out what the people are seeing
* Destiny (pink) - Find out what will happen in the future
* Mystery (blue) - Find out what will happen next

* Downloadable content (including FREE puzzles)
* Use various hints to complete the puzzle
* Play jigsaw puzzles up to 500 pieces
* Upgrade to 1.000 pieces including piece rotation
* Saves your puzzle automatically
* Simple and intuitive interface
* Work on more than one puzzle at a time
* Extra puzzle aids e.g. piece snap, select border pieces etc
* Records your fastest time
* Use in game purchases and get even more jigsaw puzzles from our expanding library
* Playing the app does not require an internet connection – an internet connection is only necessary for the initial download of newly purchased puzzles or playing against friends

Compete with your Facebook friends in the exciting speed puzzle challenge (unlocks extra FREE puzzle)

Thanks to all for playing Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles. You can like us on https://www.facebook.com/wasgijpuzzles or visit us on http://www.wasgij.com

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