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Video Transfer - Copy Videos

- Copy and play multi format videos from your Computer.
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Photo & Video Free Nguyen Nam Giang iPhone, iPad, iPod


Great use for video editing! (And maybe just saving videos in general)

I’m shocked more people don’t use this, it’s actually pretty good! Whenever I need to retrieve audio or video from somewhere on the internet, this app does it without any buffering, skipping, etc. The ads are annoying, but I can get used to it!

This app started out ok, but now it is useless!

I used to use video saver. Its browser stopped working, so I down loaded this app and upgraded. worked ok for awhile. Now it crashes!!! Very frustrating!! Wasted money.

πŸ’Tuesday πŸ’

Just for some browser with categories not for my ALDC and JSE ig account πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»

It's was bad!!
Mariela DSTGO

I did not like it for my video😏😏

Okay but

This was good to transfer videos but it didn't let me save ONE video just ONE I don't want to pay for something like that


I cant even get a video on here! How dies this work?!

Good App

Thank you. I use it a lot to play my videos.

Don't waste your time
Angry customer!!!!!

Terrible! I needed to transfer videos from my computer to my phone. I was able to get my videos onto the app, but I couldn't save onto my phone. The files were too big, however if I pay $1.99 for an upgrade, I can save the files. Well like an idiot I did and after my purchase the app didn't upgrade. I was getting error messages and time out try again. Hell it even took me several times to rate this stupid app!

Free doesn’t mean or shouldn’t mean useless

I can’t help but give it one star for now . It’s got a lot of potential but it does nothing for me whatsoever on the free version . I can’t share anything even though I’ve got only two files on there and when I try to I’m told that the free version only allows up to 20 files to delete some crap , despite I know not what in the hell its talking about , there’s only two dang files !!! That’s why I give it one star for now . Lot of potential but I think even free should be of some use to the consumer .

I’m disappointed

So I assumed when I downloaded all my videos that I would be able to at least keep and save them... well I guess not, this app isn’t for me