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Download USA Archery FPS Hunting Simulator: Wild Animals Hunter & Archery Sport Game

USA Archery FPS Hunting Simulator: Wild Animals Hunter & Archery Sport Game

From creators of Archery Champion: Bow Sport 3D!
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Return to wilderness and prepare for the ultimate animals hunting challenge with USA Archery FPS Hunting Simulator. World’s greatest hunting experience while getting new trophies, taking down wolves, bears and cheetahs. Shoot like a pro, develop a steady hand and master your skills to take the perfect shot. Hunt or be hunted! Get them before they get you! If you got bored with “sniper zombie WW2” games and need some more sophisticated wild hunting entertainment - download USA Archery FPS Hunting Simulator! Kill furious beasts like bobcat, coguar or deer without a sniper rifle (only bow!). This game will get you to the very best wild hunting grounds in USA (like Yellowstone, California or Oregon Coast). It’s absolutely free, gives you plenty of fun and relax while shooting bow and hunting wild animals! Animals treat jungle/forest as their sanctuary, if you enter it, they will treat you as an invader.
While hunting be aware that animals will startle or attack you when they hear shoot or any disturbing noise! Bow Game is a free hunting game you want to play! Master your bow technique, become the master archer. Be a hunter! Precision and reflex is required. This FPS simulator gives you opportunity to experience the best wild animals hunting! Bow shooting gives you ultimate experience of an archer, brings you the whole new way of having fun with shooting and hunting in wild american hunting grounds. Tap the screen to stretch the bow and shoot. This multi mode addictive game will help you increase concentration and patience. Enjoy the plenty of levels, beautiful wild 3d american environment, real life animals you can hunt only in north america, wind factor and the most realistic bowhunting experience games ever offered. Hunt with bow like never before. Compete real-time users on the leaderboard! Become the archery master! Hold your breath, aim the target and shoot the arrow. Hunt in different environments: Jungle animals hunting, desert, islands etc! No military sniper training needed, no shooting skills required - any amateur can now experience wild animals hunting in front of his mobile device.
Animals are so real they nearly jump off your screen! Pursue trophies in unique locations of USA, go to a hunting expedition! Take down predators before they get you! Travel across the USA and enjoy the High-end, immersive tablet and mobile gameplay! Embark the animals hunting expedition! It’s open season - join the hunt now! No training needed. Simply release the string of the bow. Feel the Inescapable addiction, enjoy the realistic shooting experience. Simple controls, moving targets, wind factor will make you addicted

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USA Archery FPS Hunting Simulator gives you:
Beautiful american environment in 3D
Oregon coast
Yellowstone Park

Realistic archery & bowhunting experience
Stunning 3D graphics
Ultimate hunting experience
Plenty of different levels
Real life animals
Varied difficulty of the game
Power ups
Playing for Free - no “in-app purchases” (no IAP)
High score
Efficient Bow control
Ultimate hunting action
Different arrows and bows
Plenty of fun!

How to play:

Simply tap and hold the screen to stretch the bow and aim. Release when ready to shoot. Be quick! The bow starts shaking when stretched for too long! Remember about the wind factor! The bow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focus on aiming the targets. Remember that you can look around!

There are two types of gameplay:

Time Attack: Get as many hits/points as you can in a limited time.

Archery Mastery: You get only couple of arrows and have to hit all the targets. Precision, focus and skill is required.

You can play offline - no internet (wifi) is needed

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All games for FREE - no in app purchases


This game made by a idiot
fortnite accont is RNGghost

I have seen such a cheating person make a game look him up on google

Good but needs a little work

Fun game only problem is it won’t let me watch ads to unlock new bows and that’s the only way to upgrade your weapon. Wish this would get fixed I like the game

So far, i like it

Need to figure more of it out though

Adds won’t load when I say skip level

It’s alright but get more updates please

It’s fun
Bowhunter 2017

It’s just like Bowhunting except it’s not like real like

Good game overall
Dragan City

I love this game but there needs to be better graphics for me so please fix this quickly.i love it so much that whenever my sister asked to play it I was just ignoring her and kept playing the game. Thank you for making the game good.

Direction is uncontrollable

Not playable.

Way too much movement

Like the game overall but bow movement does not follow my thumb and arrow releases whenever it wants to.

Do not download

All this game is, is adds do not download

Way too many long ads that ruined the experience

I think the game is fun but the number of ads are unbearable. Consider the user experience too.