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Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals & Real Deer Hunt

Return to wilderness and prepare for the ultimate animals hunting challenge with Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals FPS Hunting Simulator. World’s greatest hunting experience while getting new trophies, taking down wolves, bears and cheetahs. Shoot like a pro, develop a steady hand and master your skills to take the perfect shot. Hunt or be hunted! Get them before they get you!
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Get the ultimate hunting experience with Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals. Best hunting game on the store! If you got bored with “sniper zombie WW2” games and need some more sophisticated hunting entertainment - download Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals! It’s absolutely free, gives you plenty of fun and relax while shooting crossbow and taking part in crossbow/arbalest hunting trip! Feel like William Tell! Be an arbalest champion! Shooting is conducted at distances from 10 to 100 meters! The goal is to hunt the animals! While hunting be aware that animals will startle or attack you when they hear shoot or any disturbing noise! Animals are so real they nearly jump off your screen! Pursue trophies in unique locations of USA, Europe, Asia and go to a hunting expedition! Take down predators before they get you! Travel across the globe and enjoy the High-end, immersive tablet and mobile gameplay! Embark the animals hunting expedition! It’s open season - join the hunt now! No training needed. Simply release the string of the bow. Feel the Inescapable addiction, enjoy the realistic shooting experience. Simple controls, moving targets, wind factor will make you addicted

Crossbow Champion: Sport Shooting 3D gives you:
Beautiful 3D environment
Realistic crossbow experience
Hunting Game Fun!
Over 40 levels
Varied difficulty of the game
Varies missions to train your skills – hunt beasts, hit many targets at time
Power ups
Playing for Free - no “in app purchases”
High score
Different arrows and bows
You can play offline - no internet is needed
Realistic shooting mechanics
Simple to play and easy to learn – just tap and swipe to shoot at the target

How to play:

Simply tap and hold the screen to stretch the crossbow and aim. Release when ready to shoot. Be quick! The crossbow starts shaking when aiming for too long! Remember about the wind factor! The greater the shooting distance, the greater the correction must be taken in height.When aiming must take into account wind direction and speed, and take correction to compensate for the offset of arrow. The crossbow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focus on aiming the targets. Aimt through the collimator. Optical sight has 2x magnification. Try to win the tournament, beware of the predators!

There are two types of gameplay:

Time Attack: Get as many hits/points as you can in a limited time.
Crossbow Hunting Master: You get only couple of arrows and have to hunt certain animals. Precision, focus and skill is required.

You can play offline - no internet is needed (no wifi, LTE)

Coming soon:

Deluxe crossbow shooting!
40 new levels
New crossbows
2 control types


It’s good but
chubby chipmunk Sam

The only thing that I don’t like about this game is that you can’t move around and try to help the animals but I mean so far so good so. It’s actually a pretty good game??????

It fine

Its fun but I like games were you can have under water levels and stuff but the scope it every were and my character has a trigger finger and I don’t like how it does not give you a chance when they about to attack and if it went in slo motion I would give it a 5star rating but it’s fun maybe give you stronger weapons but it’s a good game and maybe make them not drop as much

Best game ever
i heart lexi

Love it download now??????????

Completely unrealistic and uncontrollable

For some reason the developers thought it a good idea to put lag into the controls, making this an unrealistic, uncontrollable game. The aim swings around like crazy because of it and takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the game.


Fun game

Love it.

Great stuff.

Don’t like it

Scope floats all over the screen. Can’t control it. Frustrating...

Very poor
Fire guy 60

First off you never shoot running game with a crossbow. But hey it’s your game

puggsly jr

2 30 second commercials for one shot. No thanks

So far so good

Relly great game???