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ALERT: iOS 7/iOS 8 users: If you accidentally disallow microphone input for this app, you can re-enable it by going to : Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Ultra Voice Changer and enable it there.
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Entertainment Free Uchin Kim iPhone, iPad, iPod

This is a voice changer app. Note that this app cannot be used to change your voice during a phone call.

30+ FREE Voice Effects !

Note: Dalek voices are actually labeled as: Cyborg I, Cyborg II, and Cyborg III in the actual app.

Robot 1-5 (Cylon and other scifi robots),Alien 1-4(Goauld,Asgard),Backwards,Bee,Chipmunk,Cyborg 1-4(Daleks,Cybermen),Deep,Deep Metallic(Darth Vader),Echo,Fast Backwards(foreign language),Fast Normal,Freaky 1-2,Helium(Despicable Minion),Hyper,Metallic,Possessed,Saw-Man(Jigsaw),Slow Backwards,Slow Normal

* You can also use this app to create custom ringtones using these voice effects.. Email custom ringtones to yourself, your friends and family.

* add COOL voice audio tracks to your home videos.
* Create WICKED telephone greetings for yourself and/or your friends.

Features real time audio noise cleaning/reduction (during recording process).


I love this app so much that I feel like I need more effects!
Young Jediaaaaqq

I feel like this application should have more effects but anyways I love the application! The application has 33 effects? Anyways he could have more effects. Anyways I love the application!

Great voice changer app!

This is a great voice changer app-- easy to use, and I especially love the robot and alien voices.

It is awesome
I am a dogs lover 1234567

I think it is amazing i like possessed it actually sounds like your possessed this app is totally worth it

pretty cool... but not too cool
zy fy

It's minimalistic, but it has some cool voice effects. What I don't like is that you can't even save a recording. And I'd like to take one voice clip and get files that have different effects from that same recording.

Totally wicked


One word

Absolute garbage.


It's ok

Ur friend!!

I can't even delete


This is really cool it works perfectly better than any other voice changer