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Ugly Meter™ is paid iOS app published by Dapper Gentlemen

Seems to work to me :)


Seems to work to me :)



Amazing game

One change!


Even though it says I'm ugly it's hilarious! Wish there was a way to use already taken photos!


The Rocker 60

It's really funny but it's not true. One time it said I'm as hot as a Miami sunburn then another time It said if ugliness were bricks I'd be the Great Wall of china

Not worth the money


I take a picture of my self twice one time I get a 9 then next time I get a 3

Didn't work?


My rating go from 0 in one reading to 10 in another?

Garbage. Random number generator


Obviously a random number generator. Same picture taken twice got a score of zero and ten. I want my money back.

Ugly meter


It is worst then everthing and I spent 2.99 I WANT MY MONY BACK


Miranda C's iPod

It calls me hot when I make an ugly face and ugly when I smile.

Horrible waste of money


It doesn't even allow you to line your face up - I scored everthing from a 2 to a 9 on a scale from 1-10 in one instance