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Ugly Meter™ is paid iOS app published by Dapper Gentlemen

I'm apparently hot ;)


0.0 all the time and never higher than 2

Mean game


This is the meanest game on earth It could say Bigfoot was pretty its just trying to hurt your feelings I would not recommend it to people who feel good about themselves.

I'm Hot


This app is good

Its so cool!?


I just got a zero and when i get a six or seven i laugh at the responses!!:)

To hot

Kissy Face Gal

I'm to hot to review



I get a 1-2 every time



Totally fun

Ugly meter


This app is so fun for every one



This is the worst app ever. It just tells you that your ugly. I want my 0.99 back.

Poor girls

Bill Dong

I saw this app on Happy Camp and decided to get it. Girls in the comments below... Are your self-confidences to weak that you need to not only buy the app AND come post about how pretty you are? Enjoy the app for what it is, a toy for fun, have fun with it, laugh with it, don't use it as a tool to kill your own pride. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember that.