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TRUTH or DARE ? Dirty game !

" The best party of my life " - Antony 12 July 2014
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Entertainment $5.99 Chouic iPhone, iPad, iPod

" I can't believe that append, but a don't have any regrets " - Marie 21 mars 2014

The best Truth or Dare and dirty game for iOS ! More than 600 exceptional truth or dare questions. This game is created for couple or for multiplayer partys, you can add as many player as you want !

The different levels are :

— Normal Game —
* Easy
* Medium
* Hard (For a very fun game without sex !)

— Hot Game — (adult dirty game)
* X (soft)
* XX (Hot)
* X - X - X (Hard)

This game will put you to do that you never think to do.

We add, some new truth and dare regularly !

Your parties are private : This application does not contain any ads and never use a network connection !

Have fun !

Be careful : You must not under any circumstances force someone to do something he does not want.


English version does not work

English version doesn’t work or not available. All truth and dear are in German I guess

Amazing !

I use this application with some friends yesterday, and I kiss my best friend for 2 year ! <3 (We stop the game here) So I take the app to continue to play !

English please!

Could not get this game in English! I paid a lot of money for this crap


Please make an update for it to be in English.

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