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Toyze is the only marketplace where you can customize, share and buy licensed characters from your favorite mobile games! Just pick your favorite character, add your own design in our easy to use 3D editor, share it with your friends or get your collectible crafted and delivered to your doorstep!
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Our “app store” for 3D-printed customizable game characters was launched together with the candy loving little monster Om Nom and the Nommies from the award winning Cut the Rope game series. Download Toyze and get your very own mysterious package with a real Om Nom inside!

Do you know Pou, a wildly addictive, colorful, fun and cute alien pet that players can adopt, feed, wash? Now with Toyze for the first time, users worldwide can take their lovable pet Pou out of the screen.
Have you ever played the legendary game The Tribez? This game is the insanely popular empire-building game that’s revolutionizing the idea of social gaming. Now with Toyze for the first time you can customize and have your own 3D-printed Tribez figure.

We have a big surprise for you. Now at Toyze you can find and the most charming cat in the world Talking Tom! Download Toyze and start to customize MyTalking Tom and have your own 3D-printed Taking Tom
Key features:
- Adorable Om Nom and Nommies models from Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2
- Wildly addictive, colorful, fun and cute alien pet Pou
- Over 200 possible design options with attributes like candy, sunglasses, hats
- Wildly addictive, colorful, most charming cat in the world - My Talking Tom
- Cute and adorable The Tribez characters
- Super fun and easy model customization
- Groundbreaking 3D printed collectibles quality
- Simple and quick ordering with express delivery
- Full order tracking
- Fast claim resolution

Check back soon for updates to design options for Cut the Rope characters, Pou, Talking Tom and The Tribez as well as for new characters from other top mobile games!

ZeptoLab UK Ltd has approved the use of CUT THE ROPE TM, OM NOM TM and all other related trademarks.
Paul Salame has approved the use of Pou and all other related trademarks.
Outfit7 has approved the use of Talking Tom & Friends and all other related trademarks.
Game Insight has approved the use of Tribez and all other related trademarks.
About the shipping:

The 3D printed figures are shipped worldwide (except the Russian Federation / due to the law of this country).

Disclaimer: Please note that these 3D printed figures are intended for decorative purposes only. They are not suitable as toys for children under the age of 6 due to breakable small parts. The figures should not come in contact with electricity and heat. The materials used in production are not food safe.


Super cool!

A perfect way to create a cool personalized gift for your loved ones. Finally real 3D printing technology application for common people not just tech geeks. Sharing works great!

Its ok but the prices are to high

I had fun building the toy but i had to take a lot if cute stuff off for it to be not that much money and had to make it small as possible please please please toyze make the prices lower there not that big

Lots of fun!

Amazing! Welcome to the future of 3d printed stuff!!!

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