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TitleFx - Write on Pictures, add Text Captions to Photos

Make a statement with your photos by adding dynamic text. TitleFx makes it easy to get stunning results with the most full featured text on photo app available for the iPhone and iPad.
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Photo & Video $1.99 East Coast Pixels, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Start with over 50 wonderful fonts. You can also pick from 200 fun symbols!

You have complete control over font size, position, rotation, character and line spacing, and transparency. All adjustments use interactive slider controls that give you direct control and stay out of your way.

Select a color and then pick from a dazzling array of text effects, to make your text standout. These effects are unique to TitleFx and include simple drop shadows and gradients, as well as emboss, cutout and chrome effects. You can even render any font as an outline. There are also tasteful text backgrounds.

Make as many text objects as you want. Managing them is as simple as touching the one you wish to edit.

You can change anything at any time, but a full undo/redo mechanism is available. Your compositions are also save in a Recent Edits list so that you may go back at any time and continue editing. You can also save a favorite layout which can be used as your custom starting point, or for watermarking.

Export to the usual social media suspects or at full resolution to your Photo Album.

- 50+ wonderful fonts
- size, position, rotation, character/line spacing, and transparency controls
- color picker
- 30 awesome text effects
- crop editor
- undo/redo
- elegant interface
- saved edit sessions
- export to everything
- export at full resolution

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"So good, I almost want to keep it a secret" - our favorite user review

"Heavyweight Title Winner! With brilliant text effects and happy typography, this is a must-have for anyone that loves to add Titles to their photos." - PhotoCruncher

"TitleFx is an instant favorite iPad app for me" - iPad Insight


Lost Horizon Fishing
HB Senior Surfer

This program is amazing! I use it to make custom thumbnails for my Lost Horizon Fishing channel on YouTube! Title is so easy to use and the results are fantastic. Without a doubt, it is one of my all time favorite apps! Regards, D.T.

Wonderful app

I love this app. use it all the time. Very easybto learn.

An App that does a lot more than just text!
Artist in Georgia

By using the letter cap “I” and various other letters, symbols and numbers, Title FX can help repair and recreate areas of photos. I’ve used it dozens of times to actually create things. That you can match a color by simply holding your finger down on an image is great. Of course you can set text alone, but the app goes well beyond that. I wish that both size and angle could be set more accurately and that more fonts were available, but other than that it’s terrific.

Love this app

It allows me to personalize all my photos. Even when I have them on my computer I text message myself to use it. The Fonts are so pretty & it’s easy to use.

Great for making your own memes

I use this app frequently to make memes of coworkers. The ability to have different fonts and colors allow the memes I create to have a bit more impact.

Great app but

This app is easy to use & great but I wish they would update it.

Glad I took the time to check it out
Lavaca Kid

I’ve had this wonderful little app for months. Finally got around to using it. A GREAT, easy-to-use, amazingly versatile tool for adding text to photos in impressive fashion. I’m going to enjoy experimenting with this. Especially with so much junk in the vast, ever-expanding ocean of alleged “photo-editing” apps ... all of which claim, but miserably fail to deliver, the same essential functions. Thumbs-up to the app developers ... and a sincere “thank-you.”

My Go-To Topographic App

Once I started using this app regularly, it quickly became apparent that this was the best choice almost every time I needed to insert type.

Attractive Results from Easy-2-Use App

Lots of titling/meme-making muscle here that’s simple to use, uncluttered interface, with a kizzillion text options. Ditto saving. Impressive professional quality, and friendly interface, too. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife for titling - how cool is that? I got this in a 2-app bundle; the other is a great (and equally feature-rich) photo editing app. The two work well for each other — and replace a clutch of visual apps that do one or two things sort of well. Any shortcomings? Yes. (1) No option for a blank screen, great for creating a quotation or similar text image. Creating a new “title” (basically a text box) requires more effort than necessary. Also, chunks of the help text/documentation and feature descriptions are confusing — and don’t capture all of the app’s impressive features and options. Still, Title FX is bristling w/extensive, hassle-free features in a small, strong package. You’re gonna like it.

Makes adding text so easy. Love the fonts and effects.

Makes adding text so easy. Love the fonts and effects.

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