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Strike the Planets!

Let's challenge planet-cracking!
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A striking new casual game!!
Aim high scores and get to the top of the Ranks, as well as World Ranking!

A Simple game that's perfect to play whenever you have a minute!

[How to play]
- Tap on when power meter is at max!
It will strike in matching strength!

- Crack the planet and move onto next!



Great game !!

Worst game

It lags so much and crashes your iPhone and actually made mine run slower. Wish I could rate it negative stars

Review time
Ball boner54

This game is freaking awsome man trust me

Really fun game

Very addicting.

Planet Defying Game!
MI6: 007

Super Great Thanks for this Game ! Keep Up Dev.

Nice game

This game is really fun and addicting!


I like it, would recommend. Seems like the kind of game i would play on the subway or in between commutes.

Awesome game!!!

This is deffinitely the game u want if u want a quick time killer. Lot of fun for just a 1 tap game. Would be perfect if it had special sound effects like the guy yelling when u get 100 hit or get to customize the guy w/ colors or something? All around awesome game!!

this is a great game!!

it's really fun and addicting to see how far you can go especially since you have to time it the farther you go

Fun & Addictive

Simple yet surprisingly Fun & Addictive.

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