Simple-to-play action RPG - Hammer’s Quest is here!
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A Hammer warrior’s battle begins now..!

A young man sets out on a journey, equipped with a Hammer.
Can he defeat the Dark Lord?

Repeat Strikes, Charged Attack, Guard... All in a simple ONE-TAP control!
Enjoy a speedy, yet strategic battling fun!
Get hold of the strongest Hammer, and set out on an adventure!


Double banner ads

Completed first level. Banner ad at the bottom and another banner ad above the character. I’m downloading games I haven’t played for years. Thanks for the reminder why I gave this game up.



Bob Foss73670


Fun game

Really love the progression of the game. Has that rpg feel of leveling up as you go along. Overall, a pretty fun game to play!!

Good game
Bùi Phát

I like

Terraria Fan(used to be)

this game is so overlooked. The style, the story line, everything about it is just perfect... I hope the developer(s) still comeback and work on this amazing game, y’all just need ads on like Instagram or something, it’s a great game just a not a lot of exposure! have good life...!

Double Banner Ads on a Paid App?!

This game is incredibly boring and repetitive. In addition, you pay $4.99 to have banner ads on the app? Yuck.

Incredibly fun!
Perfect Game No Bugs

Amazing Japanese game on iPhone. Simple easy to learn game with skill based gameplay and RPG progression. This game is very fun and the graphics are perfect! I'm looking forward to more games from this developer! :)

Great game

It's a awesome game please make it in English I'm doing my best to guess what things say but I'm still getting pretty far even though I don't know what I'm doing so please make this in English

A tale about a son in search of his father.

This game is awesome. It's got a good quality about it despite having a kid's story. The Japanese in this is considered pretty easy. The feel of the Japanese reading of the dialogue, coupled with the retro-like gameplay, story, and graphics, this is especially great for ios game lovers. For quick translations, こうげき stands for "attack (power)", しゆび stands for "defense (power)", すばやさ relates to "attack charge speed", and last, かいふく relates to "walking speed". How to play this game: tap once for regular attack, hold tap for charge attack, and for guarding, it's automatic. It happens upon being attacked so long as you don't do anything like attacking. It's like this other game I saw where you can customize your character. This is much better.