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List your items, sort them into categories and associate them with places of storage. Easily manage your inventory level and value.
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Finance Free Pascal Meziat iPhone, iPad, iPod

Conceptualize and hierarchize your categories and places of storage.

Thanks to the built-in search tools, you can retrieve your items and their location(s) easily.

Separate your items or objects into coherent groups (work-related items, personal objects, etc.) in order to manage different stocks simultaneously.

For users wishing to monitor their stock levels precisely, Stock Control allows refined management of quantities in the various places of storage, as well as a shortage alert for each item.

Import / export all your data thanks to a CSV file (spreadsheet program) in order to use them on your PC or Mac.
Transfer your data to your other iOS devices with iCloud and iTunes transfer.

Generate PDF catalogs based on your item lists, and send them by e-mail or print them using AirPrint.

Freemium version, limited to 15 items. In-app purchase unlocks unlimited item creation

Universal application for iPhone/iPad, iOS 5.0 and above.
Optimized for Retina Display.


I like it, almost perfect
Mark Bordeos

What is lacking is icloud sync function between mac and ios. The only thing i dont like about this app is when i scan barcode, It gives me the whole information of the item instead of giving me the shortcut to change the quantity of that item. I hope theres an option when i scan barcode, it will ask me what i want. 1: give item information. 2: quick access to quanity change. I give it 3 star because i cannot purchase mac version in-app purchase. Always giving me error message. So frustrating because this is the only inventory app that i tried that i like so much and gives what i really need. Kiwi never try to help me and answer my email.

Great but needs bugs fixed

Keeps telling me my iPhone and iPad email not configured. Doesn’t sync between iPhone and iPad. Although I like this app needs work

Quite clean and easy to use

Simple, self explanatory, and easy to use. It's made tracking the hundreds of items that run through my storage and warehouse much easier. I am a remote field service technician and have to maintain a van stock and a storage warehouse where I keep my backstock. No longer having to use a spreadsheet to track and reorder safety stock is a great timesaver and allows me to be more efficient. With that said, I wish I could set up alerts so thatnif I've got 10 of an item in storage, but drop below a certain value in my van, that the app would let me know. This would enable me to restock my van from the warehouse, and reorder to fill the warehouse stock level. I would also appreciate being able to run reports by classification of item. So, instead of just categories, items could also have tags such as "common", " high turnover", "unused from past job", "obsolete- to purge", etc. Thanks for producing such a great bit of software either way!

Transfer from one divine to other is not possible .

I love this app so much!! But when it come to backing up data or changing your phone and the information in the old phone want to be transferred in the one is so hard . Need to make it easier when backing up the info . Other than that , it’s a lovely app .


An indispensable app I've used for a couple of years. I travel overseas for business and having the info of more than 2000 products at my fingertips has been a tremendous tool.

Best inventory app for my shop

Helps me know if I have stock when in the field working and need a part

Very handy
Made by De

Works pretty well. Easy to use!

Best inventory app for my shop

Helps me know if I have stock when in the field working and need a part

Great app!

Never have issues with this one since acquire it last 4 months.

Price $9.99
oooh myyy

Price $ 9.99 just why the fk can’t you put that at the beginning info of your Product!!!!!

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